Viñedos Sierra Cantabria

Viñedos Sierra Cantabria was a project started by the Eguren family around 1995 with the goal of producing and showcasing the finest wines they could possibly make from their finest vineyards that produce distinctly unique expressions of Tempranillo. Due to the history of viticulture in their family, the Eguren family takes pride in understanding their vineyards to a degree which is rare in the winemaking world.

From this selection of single vineyards, they produce a series of ageing declassified, small production boutique wines, which all attempt to showcase the unique microclimate, soils, and terroir of each vineyard. Through this unique process, they are also able to demonstrate the different expressions of Tempranillo that are possible, even within a single subzone of Rioja.

Sierra Cantabria Cuvée, the entry level wine, is produced from La Llana, a vineyard located planted in loamy soils on the northern banks of the Ebro river, which produces a distinctly mineral expression of Tempranillo. Sierra Cantabria Reserva Única is a select blend of the best Reserva tier wine that the winery has that is submitted to a strict blending process and given a luxurious barrel treatment. Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada is produced from two very old vineyards planted in the 1950’s that marries two very classic Rioja winemaking styles – destemmed maceration and whole cluster carbonic maceration. Finca El Bosque is produced from the vineyard of the same name. This vineyard is an absolutely spectacular expression of Tempranillo, planted in iron and nutrient rich soils that are extremely well drained due to the uncommonly high proportion of large rounded stones in the soil. The high drainage reduce yields while the concentration of nutrients and minerals produces a deep, intense, and structured wine that the Eguren family believe is the ultimate expression of structure and intensity that Tempranillo can achieve. Finally, Amancio is the family’s top Rioja wine, and is named for Marcos and Miguel’s grandfather, who planted the intermixed La Veguilla vineyard by himself starting in 1966.

The Eguren family started this project after the resounding success of the aging declassified, single vineyard, single variety, single cellar wine San Vicente.

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