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Fino En Rama


2018 Vintage


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Denominacion de Origen

D.O. Montilla-Moriles


Sierra de Montilla de Calidad Superior, the Grand Cru subzone of Montilla-Moriles, south of Córdoba, Spain


100% Pedro Ximénez


Alvear’s Grandes Soleras are all sourced from 125 Ha. of estate owned vineyards located in the Sierra de Montilla de Calidad Superior, the Grand Cru subzone of Montilla-Moriles.

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Old head-trained vines farmed completely sustainably without organic certification, but avoiding all use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and irrigation.


Albariza. Rich in calcium carbonate, with the soil and subsoil composed of soft marlstone, a type of soil composed mostly of limestone and mud. These soils are poor in organic matter, infertile, of a simple mineral composition, with a crumbly consistency.


Semi-Continental Mediterranean. Extremely high temperatures and irregular rainfall from year to year.


Alvear Fino en Rama is a classic Fino from Montilla-Moriles, which is produced from Pedro Ximénez base wine fermented to 15% (without fortification) in tinaja, and subsequently aged in American oak butts under velo de flor. Fino en Rama is aged statically in a particularly humid part of the winery, which supports vigorous growth of Flor – important given the wine is not topped up on an annual basis.


Alvear Fino en Rama ages for five years statically in American oak butts. “En Rama” refers to the fact that the wine is unblended, unstabilized, and aged statically, not in solera.


As masters of Fino production, Alvear was the first winery in Spain to release a single vintage-dated Fino en Rama - a Fino aged statically in barrel (not in the system of soleras & criaderas) bottled from one single vintage without clarification or filtration. The inspiration for this wine came from the Alvear family and Jorge Ordóñez wanting to release a wine to market that resembled the unfiltered, single casks of Fino that were historically served at the tabernas of Córdoba.