Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria

Sierra Cantabria Organza


Denominacion de Origen

D.O.Ca. Rioja


Páganos-Laguardia, La Rioja.


55% Viura, 30% Malvasía, 15% Garnacha Blanca


Several proprietary vineyards located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Year(s) Planted


Environmentally integrated agriculture. Employing viticulture that respects the biorhythms of the plant and vineyard. Exhaustive hand selection and harvest in small boxes of perfectly ripe grapes.


Calcareous clay composition.


Continental with heavy Atlantic influences that are moderated by the Sierra Cantabria.


Cold soaked for 14 hours. Temperature controlled fermentation with selected indigenous yeast in new French oak barrels.


9 months in new French oak barrels sur lie. Battonage twice per week during the first six months.


Sierra Cantabria Organza is the result of the goal to produce the finest white wine possible from D.O.C. Rioja. The blend of the varietals is to produce as complete a wine as possible. Viura is used to impart body, Malvasía to impart acidity, and Garnacha Blanca for aromatics. The barrel fermentation and sur lie ageing creates a wine with structure that ages beautifully. Organza is a wine that is able to enjoy young but will show its true greatness after six to eight years.