Bodegas Nekeas

Cepa por Cepa Garnacha


2022 Vintage


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2021 Vintage


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2021 Vintage


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Denominacion de Origen

D.O. Navarra


Valley of Valdizarbe, Navarra


100% Garnacha


Proprietary goblet trained and trellised vines planted in the valley of Valdizarbe, one of Navarra's most historical viticultural areas. These are young vineyards planted with cuttings from pre-phylloxeric vineyards of Garnacha used to produce El Chaparral.

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In Nekea’s vineyards, everything from plantings, varieties, rootstocks, clones, soil types, and cultural practices have been oriented towards the goal of healthy, disease free, ripe grapes, and maintaining respect for the environment. Traditionally grown goblet trained vines, planted with old clones of Garnacha.


Hillsides composed of red and gray marl, with a substantial component of sandstone. Soil depth is dependent on the slopes and the depth of the calcareous layer. The soils are characterized by an argillaceous composition, with an average quantity of carbonates of 30% in the topsoil and 40% in the subsoil. Some of the vines are also planted in stony soils a less fine texture, characterized by high drainage and an even higher proportion of carbonate.


Continental climate with both Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. 218 day long vegetative cycle. Spring frosts sometimes produce severe damage to the crop. Summers are dry and warm, with drastic temperature swings between day and night.


Clusters are fully destemmed and lightly crushed. Pre-fermentative cold maceration in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel with temperature control. The wine is racked to used French barrique for malolactic fermentation.


Three months in neutral French barrique.


Cepa por Cepa is a younger and more fruit forward expression of the most Atlantic Garnacha in Spain, sourced from extremely old clones and vineyards of Garnacha that are used for El Chaparral.