Bodegas Alvear

3 Miradas Vino de Pueblo


2020 Vintage


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2020 Vintage


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2019 Vintage


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Denominacion de Origen

D.O. Montilla-Moriles


Sierra de Montilla, the Grand Cru of Montilla-Moriles, south of Córdoba, Spain


100% Pedro Ximénez


A combination of plots between the Riofrío Alto and Cerro Macho estates.

Year(s) Planted

Over 50 years old


Old bush-trained vines, farmed completely sustainably without organic certificaiton, but avoiding all use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and irrigation.


Albariza. A soil composed mostly of limestone and soft maristone. Poor in organic matter, of a simple mineral composition, and a crumbly consistency. This is a material that is capable of retaining water in an area that rains less than 600L per year, and for its drainage, which prevents them from accumulating water and salts.


Semi-Continential Mediterranean. Extremely high temperatures and irregular rainfall from year to year.


The Tres Miradas project is the latest collaboration between Bodegas Alvear & Envinate. It represents a goal of the Alvear family and Envinate to express the terroir that has been historically known as the Sierra de Montilla, with a winemaking approach that focuses more on the vineyard and less on the ageing process in the cellar. The Tres Miradas Vino de Pueblo, classified as a village wine in the Burgundian classification, is a selection of grapes a variety of plots that are directly pressed without maceration and fermented in tinajas, traditional concrete amphora of 4800L.


The wine is aged under the "velo de flor" for eight months before bottling.


Alvear is one of the most historic wineries in Spain. It is the oldest family owned winery in Spain, the second oldest winery, and the oldest winery in Andalucía, making it the historic producer of sherry style wines produced in Montilla-Moriles, the home of the Pedro Ximénez grape. With the Tres Miradas project, their latest collaboration with the dynamic Envinate team, they hoped to express the terroir of their home, Montilla-Moriles, but without the interference of the ageing process used to produce classic styles of Montilla. These produce some of the best sherry-style wines in Spain, but remove the terroir of the vineyard through the ageing process. With Tres Miradas, they followed the Burgundian classification by producing one village wine, and three single vineyards or "crus."