Dominio De Eguren

Protocolo Tinto made with Organic Grapes




2017 Vintage


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2016 Vintage


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Denominacion de Origen

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla


Vineyards located in D.O. Manchuela, D.O.Ca. Rioja, and D.O. Toro


100% Tempranillo


Dominio de Eguren leases vineyards and controls viticulture under long term contracts in D.O. Manchuela. This fruit is blended with estate grown young vineyards from Rioja & Toro.

Year(s) Planted

Vineyards planted between five and 45 years ago.


The viticulture is managed by Dominio de Eguren, who leases the vineyards on long term contracts. Leased vineyards are selected for their advanced age, soils, and altitude in Manchuela. In Rioja and Toro, they select their youngest estate grown vines. In all cases, high density trellises and severe selection are used to reduce yield and increase quality.


Poor calcareous clay soils with a high proportion of limestone. The surface is spotted with pebbles, resulting in good surface drainage.


Continental climate with a Mediterranean influence.


A 48 hour cold soak in stainless steel is carried out before the fermentation starts. The fermentation lasts for ten days and is done with yeast selected from the winery's cellar. Two pump-overs daily during these ten days. Post-fermentative maceration for eight days, with one pump-over per day. The wine is cold stabilized and light micro-oxygenation is done to soften the tannins and round out the wine.


The wine is bottled young to protect freshness and aromatics.


The Eguren family produces some of the highest value table wines in Spain by applying their strict standards for quality viticulture to leased vineyards in Manchuela and young vineyards in Rioja and Toro. This attention to detail and quality in the viticultural and winemaking processes results in wines of incredible balance, freshness, and expression.