Bodegas Avancia

Avancia Nobleza Mencía


Denominacion de Origen

D.O. Valdeorras


Bodegas Avancia is located in O Barco de Valdeorras, in the heart of Valdeorras


Field blend majority Mencia, with small percentages of local red and white grape varieties including Garnacha Tintorera, Mouratón (Juan García), Gran Negro, Sousón, Cariñena


Aeiroá. Single vineyard with three small parcels located on the southern bank of the River Sil on 30 degree slopes. Oriented Northeast.

Year(s) Planted



Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Bodegas Avancia practices organic and does not use any chemically synthesized fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.


Primarily slate soils intermixed with small quantities of quartz.


Mediterranean/Continental climate with an Atlantic influence. Very cold winters and very warm summers.


Hand harvested in 10kg crates for transportation to the winery. Sorting of the bunches at the winery followed by pre-fermentative maceration and fermentation in 600L open-top neutral French barrels. 1/3 of the production went through maceration and fermentation on whole clusters, 2/3 with a traditional destemmed (but not crushed) elaboration. Very soft extraction, seeking high quality tannins. Pressed in a small, vertical basket press. Malolactic fermentation in used 225L French barrique followed by 8 months in barrel.


Eight months in used French oak barrique (2nd through 5th use). Aged for a further four months in bottle before release.


Avancia Nobleza Mencía is an old vine Mencía field blended with a small percentage of other red grape varieties indigenous to Valdeorras. This wine exemplifies the style of the reds from Valdeorras - ethereal, mineral, floral, lifted, but with a glass staining youthful concentration that sets itself from other Galician reds. As a northern oriented vineyard site, this vineyard ripens patiently and late in the season, which allows the grapes to maintain high levels of acidity and balance.