Dominio De Eguren

Protocolo Tinto


Denominacion de Origen

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla


Non denomination vineyards in Manchuela, Spain.


100% Tempranillo


Multiple vineyards managed by Dominio de Eguren in Manchuela, Spain.

Year(s) Planted

Between 1946 and 1986.


Dominio de Eguren manages and controls multiple vineyards in Manchuela Spain. The Eguren family sets themselves apart compared to other Vino de la Tierra wines by selecting vineyards with advanced age and low yields, and performing a rigorous selection of the grapes.


Poor calcareous clay soils with a high proportion of limestone. The surface is spotted with pebbles, resulting in good surface drainage.


Continental climate with a Mediterranean influence.


Cold maceration followed by a six-day fermentation with two pump-over’s daily. Controlled micro-oxygenation during the fermentation. Eight-day post fermentative maceration.




The Eguren family produces Protocolo Tinto, one of the world's best value wines, from vineyards in Manchuela, Rioja, and Toro. They lease vineyards on long term contracts from farmers in Manchuela who grow Tempranillo on the limestone rich soils at high altitudes in this southeastern corner of Spain. The oldest vineyards are 35 years old, grown sustainably, and dry farmed. These conditions reduce yields and result in incredibly balanced but fruit forward Tempranillo. The Eguren family also blends 10-15% of the wine with young estate grown vineyards in Rioja and Toro, which are planted with massal selections from the family's best estate grown plots. For the first 10-15 years of these vineyards' lives, they are used for Protocolo before they graduate into the estate wines of Rioja and Toro.