Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura

Extremadura is one of Spain's 17 administrative regions. Extremadura is located in the southwest of Spain, bordering Portugal. Extremadura is separated from Andalucia in the south by the Sierra Morena mountains, and from the central plateau and Castile by the Sierra de Gata mountain range.

Wines produced in the region are less well known outside of Spain – and the wineries here are still catching up with the newer winemaking technologies. An initiative to increase the export of the local wine has resulted in an increase in quality and ultimately in the modernization of the wineries.

Tempranillo is the favorite grape variety used locally, particularly as it responds well to the regional terroir. With the new initiative driving winemakers to experiment other international varieties are being grown and introduced but these grapes have yet to make a mark on the overall quality of the region's wines. Extremadura's vineyards also produce white wine varieties such as Cayetana.

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